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You can order online or buy a bouquet in our flower shop in Almaty from 9.00 to 23.00, 7 days a week. Couriers work around the clock and when placing an order during the working hours of our studio, delivery is possible both early in the morning and late at night.

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Our team knows that in order to fully satisfy the request of our customer, in addition to the correct ratio of price, quality of composition and delivery, the final result is important.
You will not be left indifferent by our service and attention to a specific case or occasion. The recipient will appreciate the freshness, style and beauty of the bouquet.

Photo report

Ordering flowers with delivery gives smiles to loved ones at a distance, without words. The bright flash is preserved with a photo. The online flower shop in Almaty by the Felicia Flowers studio provides a photo-report service on the delivery of a bouquet in the hands of the recipient by default, in order to capture this moment of happiness for you forever ...
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Ordering bouquets in Almaty

Flowers are the embodiment of natural beauty, tenderness and what gives those genuine feelings. They carry meaning, help to say what cannot be expressed in words. Flowers are a great way to express a personal attitude, emphasize respect, and achieve a smile on the recipient's face. In our flower shop you can choose and order original author's works of floristry. We help to give people joy and mood, we deliver to your home, office and other places in Almaty.
The team of talented florists of the "Felicia Flowers" studio will help you to make your choice, choose and arrange the desired bouquet. We take into account the image, style, mood and preferences of the client, we apply full dedication to this. For us, the creation of compositions, the combination of new colors in them is every time a little adventure and a challenge to which we respond and enjoy it. And our polite, punctual couriers know firsthand what efficiency, attention, and, most importantly, respect for each bouquet means.

Order flowers in Almaty in our studio

Finding and selecting is not an easy task. How to choose a composition so that it makes a positive impression and at the same time pleases a person? Our flower shop consultants will help you choose and design the perfect gift:

A date is an occasion that requires attention to detail in a flower bouquet. Inexpensive but moody. The recipient will appreciate the delicate taste and romantic mood.
A marriage proposal is a separate, responsible case, often not without the participation of the customer himself. Light tones of fresh, elegant flower varieties. You can't get off cheaply)
Apologies are a fairly common reason among those who know how to make amends inexpensively, but beautifully. In the case of delivery of a bouquet, the courier's professionalism and his positive mood play into the hands.
Birthday - the flight of the florist's imagination is not limited, there are a lot of composition options for the birthday girl. Our favorite reason. Only a meager order budget can land a florist on the ground.
Flowers for no reason - if the scale of the impulse, prompting without a specific reason to please a loved one is different for each client, then the order for him is individual each time.
A bouquet for a mother is a wonderful, bright occasion. There are countless bouquets of flowers, and her mother is alone.
By flower
In our online store you can choose a bouquet for a specific flower. Among the compositions will be offered mono-bouquets, as well as prefabricated, where the flowers you need will definitely participate. Popular varieties: peonies, roses, peony roses, hydrangeas, tulips, orchids. A complete list for the selection of a composition by flower is available in the site menu at the top of each page.

Flower shop Almaty Felicia Flowers

Floral Almaty today has changed a lot in comparison with the old times. The flower market in Almaty is overwhelmed with supply. It is now possible to buy flowers inexpensively, and often cheaply, from the comfort of your home with one click on the site. This is not to mention the almost free shipping. Although some flower shops in Almaty offer this service without the "almost" prefix. But free competition is doing its job. The flower market in Almaty does not spare the weak and those who stand still without developing. Demand dictates, and unlike supply, it develops faster. Customers have become more discerning. More and more often, the prices for flowers do not matter to them the way quality and service do. Attention to detail, continuous development and results today play a decisive role in the success of the flower business. Floristry studio, flower online store responds to the request and pain of its client, offering conditions that are difficult to compete with due to a number of our advantages, namely: service, quality of delivery, attention to detail, freshness, beauty of bouquets, prices for flowers and our friendly team!
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